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Artelli, Pioneering Multi-dimensional Premium Art Space, and Japanese contemporary artist Takeru Amano will be bringing the exhibition “Attack of Clone Venus” to Macau for the first time.

“CLONE VENUS” takes on AI technology that reorganizes the artist's masterpiece "VENUS" series and decompose it as a theme, thereby developed the first batch of 450 digital collections accompanied by physical works. The term “clone” is often resonated with the high-tech sci-fi genre—organisms that are exact genetic copies. The “VENUS” series is much like clones, containing 1,000+ unique artworks by Takeru Amano that takes inspiration from real life symbolic events. Through story-rich creations, symbolic metaphors, and minimalistic expressions of the protagonist, the work of art unleashes interactivity and a comprehensive artistic experience for the audience.

The latest and classic original works of the artist will make their first public appearance in Macau, delivering the most immersive art experience for fans.

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